Conferences and events

Related to youth and family mental health



National conferences and workshops

Early Childhood Intervention Australia 12th Biennial National Conference (Victoria)
Choices that Matter: ECI in a New Era
8-10 September 2016

Centre for Community Child Health Webinar (Online)
How do Australians Understand Child Development and Effective Parenting?
12 September 2016

2nd Australasian Youth Justice Conference (Queensland)
From Evidence to Practice
13-15 September 2016

2016 Australian Psychological Society Congress (Victoria)
Psychology United for the Future
13-16 September 2016

Australian Institute of Family Studies Webinar (Online)
How can Child Welfare and Youth-Serving Organisations Keep Children Safe?
15 September 2016

2016 International Marce Society Conference (Victoria)
Frontiers in Perinatal Mental Health - Looking to the Future
26-28 September 2016

2016 'Legacies Unmasked' Workshop (Victoria)
Recognising and working with the lasting trauma for adults raised by parents with a serious mental illness
29 September 2016

Circle of Security Parenting Training Seminar (Queensland)
4-7 October 2016

Early Childhood Australia National Conference 2016 (Northern Territory)
This is Childhood: Pedagogy and Practice
5-8 October 2016

2016 Mental Health Super Summit Webinar (Online)
Connecting Minds in Mental Health
6-23 October 2016

Circle of Security Parenting Training Seminar (New South Wales)
11-14 October 2016

KU Annual Conference (New South Wales)
Interweaving Early Education, Culture, Research and Children's Rights
15 October 2016

World Federation for Mental Health International Conference 2016 (Queensland)
17-19 October 2016

2016 Australian Family Therapy Conference (Queensland)
Emotion and Family Therapy
20-21 October 2016

12th Biennial Asia Pacific International Mental Health Conference (Queensland)
Recovered Futures: People, Practice, Partnership and Policy
24-26 October 2016

42nd International Mental Health Nursing Conference (South Australia)
Nurses Striving to Tackle Disparity in Health Care
25-27 October 2016

Family and Relationship Services Australia Conference (Australian Capital Territory)
Measuring Success in the Family and Relationships Sector - For the Wellbeing of Children, Families and Communities
29 November-1 December 2016

Stop Domestic Violence Conference (Queensland)
Providing a Platform for a Unified National Voice
5-7 December 2016

30th Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation International Conference (Australian Capital Territory)
Participating in an Active and Healthy Life: Valuing the Participant Voice
16-18 January 2017

2017 TheMHS Summer Forum (New South Wales)
Choice, Control and Citizenship in a Changing Mental Health System
23-24 February 2017

14th National Rural Health Conference (Queensland)
A World of Rural Health
26-29 April 2017

Parent Engagement Conference Australia (Victoria)
6-8 June 2017

WA Mental Health Conference 2017 (Western Australia)
13-17 July 2017

International conferences

22nd International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions World Congress (Canada)
Fighting Stigma, Promoting Resiliency and Positive Mental Health
18-22 September 2016

The Royal College of Psychiatrists Social Media Day (England)
19 September 2016

Zero to Three Annual Conference 2016 (New Orleans)
Building Powerful Connections
7-9 December 2016