Our history


  • The proposal for a national association was made at the Inaugural Child & Adolescent Mental Health Conference held in Adelaide, February 1995.


  • A national steering committee, including professionals and consumers, was formed at the second national Child and Adolescent Mental Health conference in Melbourne to work toward the development of a national association.


  • Unanimous support for the development of the association was confirmed at a plenary session during the third national Child and Adolescent Mental Health Conference held in Sydney.


  • The Australian Infant, Child, Adolescent & Family Mental Health Association (AICAFMHA) was incorporated as a company on 27th June 2000.


  • Scoping Projects completed on Children of Parents with a Mental Illness (COPMI) and Beginning to address Mental Health Prevention and Promotion in the Perinatal and 0-2 year old Periods commissioned by the National Department of Health.


  • Facilitated annual Child and Adolescent Mental Health conferences across Australia.


  • Successfully tendered for the Children of Parents with a Mental Illness (COPMI) national initiative.
  • Co-produced two booklets for parents with a mental illness.
  • Established the COPMI national initiative website.


  • National Youth Participation Strategy in Mental Health scoping project


  • National Lived Experience Forum established.
  • COPMI Keeping Families and Children in Mind eLearning resource launched.
  • International Reference Group formed.
  • Publication of National Youth Participation in Mental Health resources in partnership with the National Youth Mental Health Foundation.
  • Social media expansion – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.
  • Expansion of eLearning/resources for mental health professionals.
  • MJA (Medical Journal of Australia) Open Supplement.
  • Focus groups with primary mental healthcare providers on COPMI practices.


  • Launched and distributed the Family Focus DVD (joint venture with beyondblue).
  • Adapted, co-produced and evaluated new resources for parents and adolescents.
  • Faciliated 'Family driven services' workshop.
  • Promoted and implemented Family Focus intervention training.
  • Adapted the Let's Talk about Children method, including the development of eLearning and training for professionals.
  • Developed the eLearning course Supporting infants and toddlers of parents with a mental illness.
  • Developed the eLearning courses Child Aware practice and Child Aware supervision
  • Developed and evaluated the Pathways of Care: children of parents with a mental illness resource.
  • Scoped and supported the implementation of the Let's talk about children method in adult mental health services.


  • AICAFMHA launched Emerging Minds: advancing the mental health of infants, children and adolescents.